WEYERS CAVE, VA (Jan. 25, 2017) – In a few short weeks, Quin Houff will be living out a lifelong dream when he competes in the ARCA Racing Series event at Daytona International Speedway. However, it is another dream-turned-reality that will be on both his mind and his racecar when the No. 98 Mason Mitchell Motorsports team unloads this February in Florida.

The origin of Quin’s other dream goes back a few years to a scenario similar to what millions of other families have experienced. When Quin began his racing career, his mother Kate was already a cancer survivor, as were both of his grandmothers, and they were staunch supporters of his on-track endeavors while serving as role models off-track. As Quin’s racing career began to flourish, his family received news no one wants to hear.

Kate’s cancer had returned.

To make matters worse, the local doctors informed the family the best they could promise was to maintain the cancer, a situation where Kate would be on potent medications for the rest of her life. One of his grandmothers, ‘Mama BJ,’ had been fighting a similar battle for most of Quin’s life.

“We were pretty devastated by that,” Quin said.

In the spirit of a true racing family, Quin and his father Zane sought out other alternatives to claim victory over the horrific disease that affects millions each year. They discovered Dr. Kimberly Blackwell at Duke University’s Cancer Institute and immediately brought her on board as the ‘crew chief’ of their race toward beatin’ cancer.

“The team at Duke said we would grab it by the horns and try to completely beat it,” Quin said. “Duke’s plan of treatment worked perfectly. Now, instead of living with cancer, my mom is living the way she is meant to live—cancer free.”

As a gesture of gratitude toward the Duke Cancer Institute, Quin and his family began to campaign #BeatinCancer on the side of his late models, helping to bring awareness to what Duke had assisted them in accomplishing. In 2016, they launched a website, BeatinCancerWithDuke.org, in cooperation with the DCI to take donations to further cancer research in hopes of helping other families who found themselves in similar situations.

In less than a year, the site has taken in over $10,000 in donations. Quin also donates a portion of his race winnings towards DCI to thank them for what they did for his mother.

As part of his ARCA Racing Series debut at Daytona, the BeatinCancerWithDuke.org website will adorn the No. 98 Chevrolet and his late grandmother’s name, ‘Mama BJ,’ will be on the roof in place of Quin’s.

“This race already meant so much to me and my family, but to now be able to honor my grandmother with the paint scheme and her name above the door, it adds that much more to it,” Houff said about the paint scheme and surrounding campaign. “Accomplishing this milestone in my racing career would not have been possible without the love and support from amazing people like my grandmother. She always loved my breast cancer cars in the past.

“She would also be very proud of us teaming up with Duke again to raise money to fund research to find a cure for this terrible disease. I know she will be with me every lap along the way and I hope I can honor her name in victory lane at the end of the race.”

All donations on the BeatinCancerWithDuke.org site go directly to the Duke Cancer Fund. Additional incentive programs for fans may be announced at a later date to encourage their donations to Quin’s “Beatin’ Cancer” campaign.

“I’m almost more excited to see how much this single event raises for the Duke Cancer Institute than to run the race itself,” Houff commented. “It’s never too early for fans to get involved and I hope my family’s story can help others to get involved. The next story like ours could be theirs.”

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